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25. – 27.02.2022
Friday – Sunday 10:00 am – 5:45 pm
Studio 1
Oudenarder Straße 16, 13347 Berlin


The actor brings his or her own personal process to the camera in the general belief, it not being theatre, that more of the same but ‘less’ is required; whereas, in actual fact, it’s ‘a great deal more of something completely different’. The lens of the camera can see depths within an actor that are invisible to the naked eye, provided the actor knows how to let it in. David is able to demonstrate, with each and every actor present in his group, how it’s possible to communicate truth, as opposed to the construction that a performance is, to the lens. All the recognised techniques are unhelpful to this end but then David doesn’t teach some new one, either. The fact is, most actors have a misplaced sense of responsibility when it comes to their interpretation of character and story but all of this is elucidated in these revelatory three days in his class.

Classes are in English only.

Some statements from former participants:

“DAVID PENN is finally holding a masterclass in Berlin! This dude literally changed everything I knew about acting and working with the camera – his class is mind-blowing and I learned more than I did in any other acting-class/workshop or even drama college! If you want to grow as an artist, take his class.” – Jana Reinermann

“David is totally, utterly inspiring! In three wonderful days of hands-on experience and his focussed, thoughtful and generous wisdom he cut right through to the core of a screen performance – steering us away from acting in the moment to simply being in the moment. Revolutionary and totally liberating!” – Nicola Scott

“This was the most enlightening workshop I have ever attended and it will have a life-long impact on my approach to the camera.” – Claudette Williams

“A complete revelation… You gave me the best, most useful note I have EVER had from a director in twenty years! I cannot recommend working with David enough… it doesn’t matter if you’re fresh from drama school or a seasoned pro playing leads in movies or tv, David’s masterclass will take whatever you are currently doing on screen and make you a million times better. It really is like magic!” – Tina Harris

“This man has quadrupled the amount of work I have landed. He is the ONLY coach worth paying and spending time with, he’s teaching things no-one else is” – Teresa Godley

  • Understanding the psychic power of the lens, and its exposure of falsehood
  • How not to learn lines but then how to for the camera
  • The discovery of: ‘lens language’ (the parallel of stagecraft); the significance of rhythm, freedom and, ultimately, the irresponsible

Course management

David Penn
David has been directing actors in theatre, radio, film and television drama for over forty years. He was a resident director at the Bristol Old Vic and the Royal National Theatre, where he was an assistant to Harold Pinter, to Tom Stoppard and to David Hare. He directs opera, too; ‘The finest production of this opera I have ever seen anywhere’, a leading critic said of his recent production of ‘Lucia di Lammermoor’ in the UK. He has directed over one hundred hours of drama (equal to any number of feature films) on each of the terrestrial tv channels in the UK, as well as directing, and producing for a time, ‘Dream Team’, the first drama that SKY ever made. He gives his ‘The Naked Face’ masterclass (www.the-naked-face.com) all over Europe and, currently, he’s a visiting professor at FAMU, the legendary film academy in Prague.


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Participation requirements

This masterclass is for professional actors, and it focuses on screen-acting alone.

Classes are in English only.

Please, come with:

  • Two learnt, duologue scenes in English, not much more than a page in length; best if they are confrontational.
  • A hard copy of each scene, so that another actor can read in the other character, off-camera.
  • Enough water, to drink

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